Flexible financing solutions for
both lenders and borrowers.

Bellerive Global Services is an active short and medium term lending company that serves the specialist borrowing requirements of the wider Bellerive Group and its associated companies and clients. Bellerive Global Services provides borrowers with a wide range of tailored services, including structuring, financing and servicing loans in various currencies and jurisdictions.

Our services

Bellerive Global Services offers both collateralised and syndicated loans. Collateralised loans are generally financed by a single source using a wide range of collateral as security.

Syndicated loans are financed by multiple sources, whilst still retaining high levels of collateral and security.

We offer specialised lending solutions for various scenarios with a large focus on short to medium-term bridge financing.

We ensure that our borrowers can obtain the capital required to complete transactions in a timely and diligent manner, and we offer our lenders a competitive return on their capital.

Due diligence

Our selection approach is based on a disciplined process that mitigates risk to ensure that our funding partners are fully protected at all times. Bellerive Global Services implements rigorous credit and due diligence procedures.

We adhere to the strict AML requirements set out by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission and each participant in either our loan or private equity syndications has gone through rigorous AML vetting.

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