Trade finance

Foreign and local trade finance
that frees up working capital.

Bellerive Finance offers revolving multi-currency credit facilities and a sophisticated range of products and services tailored to the precise requirements of each client.

Bellerive appreciates that strong relationships with suppliers and service providers is key to any organisation. By securing a facility with Bellerive Finance, we will be able to facilitate a line of international funding at attractive interest rates, secured through a combination of international reinsurers and personal/corporate securities, while allowing our clients to retain control of their supply chain.

We apply our knowledge, experience and expertise to provide a sophisticated range of facilities, services and products that are tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients and their businesses succeed by using our in-depth expertise to facilitate transactions that help them achieve their goals.

These facilities include

  • letters of credit, with pre-shipment guarantees;
  • supplier deposits and payments worldwide;
  • foreign exchange cover; and
  • bank guarantees to support a wide range of business requirements.

This type of secure funding provision

  • assists clients in negotiating better terms with suppliers;
  • avoids any impact on existing banking facilities;
  • helps to manage cash cycle pressures; and
  • avoids the requirement of finding additional equity or restrictive debt financing.

Application process and due diligence

We conduct full due diligence on all potential clients to gain a complete understanding of their business and requirements. All applications require approval by our credit committee and our credit insurers. A completed application is formalised by issuing a facility letter which sets out the terms of the relationship and the basis upon which transactions and any other related activity may be conducted.

Our clients

Business success is underpinned by the quality of relationships. Bellerive Finance is known by our clients for providing peace of mind, predictability and assurance in trade finance transactions. 

Our clients are solid and profitable companies run by experienced management teams with a well-established customer base. They are generally looking for customised transaction-based funding that conventional banking facilities cannot offer.

Geographical focus

Historically, Bellerive Finance’s activities have often focused on supporting client activity in Southern Africa. However, our activities do extend to other parts of the world. For example, we also assist clients in conducting business in the United Kingdom, Australia and Israel.

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